About Us

JustaBedroom.com is a website designed to bring together room seekers and owners of a spare bedroom. It gives the room owner the chance to earn an income by taking in a guest on an occasional basis without the inconvenience of having a lodger, and room seekers the benefit of finding somewhere to stay that maybe in a much more convenient location and better prices that most hotels and B&Bs offer.

If you are looking for a room

If you are looking for somewhere to stay, you may want something more conveniently located and better value than many hotels and B&Bs. You may not require tea & coffee facilities, a TV in the room, nor care for breakfast. You may also need to be within close walking distance of where you are visiting.

Sometimes other accommodation solutions cannot offer this or may indeed be too costly, fully booked or not conveniently enough located.

If you’ve got a spare room

For people who have a spare bedroom thats being unused and would like to earn extra income, our site offers the perfect solution. You may not want to have a full time lodger, who is in and out everyday. Someone that’s using your kitchen facilities or encroaching on your living space. You may not want the headache of contracts, bonds and notice periods. You may also need to keep your spare room free for your guests and family visits from time to time.

However when a bedroom is unused a lot of the time, this will give you the perfect opportunity to rent out your room, earn some extra income only as and when is convenient for you.

You are in control

As we do not offer a booking service you are under no obligation to accept anyone nor do you have to keep us up to date with availability. We take no commission either, you keep 100% of what you charge for your room. You speak to the room seekers directly to get a feel for them and if happy you can accept their request.

The decisions are all yours this means you are in total control of who, and when you have a guest.